Workshop in Bolivia

Environmental Degradation, Climate Change
and Migration in Mountain Regions in Bolivia

Contributions to Public Policy in the context of Mother Earth and the Living Well Approach [Full document: Contribution_to_public_policy_Bolivia_August2014]

Université de Lausanne РCIDES UMSA РHelvetas Swiss Intercooperation /

La Paz, August 2014


Workshop in Nepal

Exploring the inter-linkages between outmigration, land degradation and climate risk management [Full document: Science Policy Brief_final

Press release: PRESS RELEASE Nov 2014

University of Lausanne -NCCR – IUCN

Kathmandu, 3 November 2014


Seminar presentation at Institute of Forestry, Pokhara

World Overview of Conservation Approaches (WOCAT) and Technologies, Methodology and results of land degradation and conservation mapping.

Pokhara, 28 March 2014


WOCAT workshop in Nepal

Aimed at presenting WOCAT, its aims, network and tools, especially the WOCAT mapping methodology.

Kathmandu 03 February 2014


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